The Lady Em - Destin Fishing Boat

Deep sea adventures for families, corporations, and specializes in multi-day offshore tuna and sport fishing trips.

Preparing for a night of swordfishing.

The LADY EM is a 65 ft custom G&S sport fisherman that has been customized to offshore charter fish in Destin, FL. It has an covered outdoor seating area (mezzanine) on the back deck that friends and family can take a break from the action and still be right there to take pictures and cheer. It has been designed to fish offshore and handle any weather conditions with up to 18 passengers. The LADY EM is a very big and very nice sport fishing charter boat. It is designed with a 20 x 20 ft fishing deck that gives lots of fishing room no matter how many people you have in your group. The custom fish boxes and live well are designed to give maximum fishing space on the back deck, while being efficient and good looking.

A pair of 400 horsepower Detroit Diesels engines provides plenty of speed and power, without excess diesel fumes or exhaust smoke.

"There's a large comfortable cabin with cold air conditioners, satellite T.V., DVD player, a full galley and lots of bunk space to relax on the way out and the trip back."

The LADY EM is in the top 3% of big, nice charter boats in the Destin Harbor. It is very big, very nice and very comfortable. It has a full bathroom and shower and lots of room for a large group.

"A tremendous amount of work goes into our boat to ensure it is safe and up to any job we throw at it. We want to get the job done in style and not have any breakdowns to slow us up or get in the way of our customers fishing trip. This boat was built to handle offshore conditions and get us out and back safely and in comfort."

"We like a good clean fishing boat that is a pleasure to fish on and can take us anywhere anytime.

"A clean boat is a happy boat and a happy boat catches more fish!!"

This is "the" boat for 2-3 day offshore tuna and sport fishing trips as well as 2 & 3 day live bait bottom fishing trips."

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