Destin Charter Fishing

In Destin, Charter Boats deep sea fish for different fish depending on the time of the year.


We bottom fish year round. In the colder months we fish further offshore 20+ miles for Amberjacks and reef fish. So in February our charters are at least 6 and need to be at least 8 hrs so we can get offshore to live bait fish in deeper water.

In March we start running family charter boat trips….. 4 and 5 hr trips deep sea reef fishing for vermillion snappers, triggerfish and white snappers. Usually we fish 5-12 miles offshore. Fun Family Fishing.

On a 6hr charter fishing trip we can sometimes get further offshore to live bait some amberjacks, but it can be risky because it’s a long way to go and it does not leave you much time to fish…. And sometimes they don’t bite after you have driven a long way!!! We love deep sea fishing in Destin, Fl.

We also target big cobia in April. Sight fishing for monster cobias on Destin, Florida charter boats… on light tackle it is a challenge. One on one, with a big cobia on the surface. We also fish several cobia tournaments during that time looking for that monster fish.

Starting in April the shallow water grouper season opens with red grouper and scamp grouper. As well as our family trips we start running longer deep sea fishing trips fishing the offshore shelf’s 20 to 30 miles offshore of Destin. Schools of amberjack, blackfin tuna and king mackerel show up on the ledges and we live bait fish for them on our all day trips (8-10-12 hrs).

We mix in some reef fishing also and fishing is usually very good April and May. (May is one of the best months of the year to fish on a charter boat in Destin for catching a variety of good fish.)


June starts high season in destin…. Everything is biting and fishing is great. Charter boats in Destin run hard every single day from June 1st until August 23rd each year.

Red snappers open June 1st and are open until July 10th (for 2012).. so there is a lot of excitement around that time of the year. Everything is biting inshore and offshore from surface fishing to deep sea fishing. We run back to back charters in Destin with a lot of multiple ½ day trips as well as overnight and 2 day trips. The weather is calm and the fishing is hot.

The summer months bring the offshore bite to Destin…. Wahoo, dolphin, marlin, sailfish all move in closer with the blue water and the surface trolling gets very good. Offshore fishing charters are at a peak. We usually do some deep sea reef fishing and then move out further looking for wahoo and dolphin.

The yellow fin tuna bite around the oil rigs is going off big time by the summer months. It starts in late April and just gets better and better as the summer comes. We have phenomenal offshore charter catches and great family fishing out of Destin also.

In the summer months (mid May thru mid Sept.) you never know what the day is going to bring. You could be presented with any number of different species all in the same day charter. 2-day marlin and tuna charters are very popular. Fishing up to 150 miles offshore of Destin Florida around the deep water floating oil rigs. Defiantly not for the meek or mild!

In July gag groupers open in July and stay open until Nov. 1st….so we will be heading offshore on our fishing charters fishing the deep waters for gags as well as tunas and wahoos.

In the summer months you will find us fishing offshore of Destin for the big sport fish too. Wahoos, black fin tunas, big kings, dolphin, marlin and sailfish move in and the light tackle sport fishing gets hot.

Fishing live baits on the surface and with down riggers, searching out the weed lines for offshore activity. A lot of days we can combine some offshore sport fishing as well as some good deep sea reef fishing.


September is a great month for deep sea fishing in the gulf offshore of Destin… all the kids are back in school and the crowds are gone. The nights are cooling down and the fish around Destin are biting good!!! Inshore and offshore trolling and surface fishing is at peak,, blackfins, wahoos, kings.. Everything is biting.

We do a lot of corporate deep sea fishing charters and couples wanting to get out for a ½ or full day fishing charter in the fall. When the weather cools down in the fall the bottom fish get charged back up just in time for the October Fishing Rodeo.

This is a big time of the year in Destin… the Rodeo is a month long fishing tournament that all of the boats in Destin enter….

We run a lot of 2 and 3 day charters, offshore 10-12hrs, sword fishing, tunas, groupers ….everything is biting in Destin the fall…the good deep sea fishing continues on thru November and December.

The weather is good right thru the 1st of the year with a lot of fishing charters around thanksgiving and Christmas.. the weather is always good for the holidays and a lot of families are deep sea fishing in Destin Florida!!

Let’s go Deep Sea fishing on the Charter boat Lady Em out of Destin, Florida!!!

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