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Destin Fishing Report..Charter Boat LADY EM                                     3/22/15

Destin Fishing charters

Family fishing charters & family pricing.

In Destin there are quite a few charter boats that specialize in "family fishing" and I wanted to explain what we mean by that. A "family fishing trip" is a trip where the main focus is on the kids having a good time, they are helped and instructed on how to hold the  fishing pole the easiest &  most comfortable way, the mates take the time to help them land their fish, celebrate their fish and do  photo ops with their fish.

That extra minute or two is what makes the difference to the kids. Its doesn't matter that it was a 1 lb what everfish, it doesn't matter if you had to throw it back... they caught it, they got their picture taken, and everyone is happy that  they are a part of the Destin  family  fishing team!

Having a friendly mate and captain makes all of the difference in the world. our rule of thumb with customers is "treat them how you would hope to be treated" (my momma taught me that!)

When running a family  fishing trip it's important to take the weather conditions into account, how far out we are planning to fish and how deep. The captain can control of these things in order to have the best possible fishing trip.

Take the extra time with the kids, try and answer all 3,500 of their questions about fishing, have fun and engage with them, help them and they will look forward to coming back fishing and they will cherish the memories for years to come.

Family Pricing in Destin has mostly to do with the age of the children. allot of captains will not charge for children under 6 years of age, so if you have more than six passengers  and your extra person is under six, they will not charge for them.

On some of the larger boats the captain has the flexibility to not charge for little kids and or  charge 1/2 price for little guys and riders. Most boats charge for each adult no matter what, but on the LADY EM we have the flexibility of charging less when you might have a grandparent that just wants to ride along and take pictures. We don't have a set policy for that, we just try and work with our customers needed. We have a large outdoor seating area on the back deck and it makes a great place for people to sit, relax, take pictures and shout words of encouragement.

When I started in the charter boat business as my dad's 1st mate, he always made a point of saying that we were a "family business... operated by our family for your family". That has always stuck with me over the years and it's how we run our fishing business as well here in Destin.

So make us part of your vacation plans.. we will have a good time, hopefully catch a few fish and make some lasting memories.

Capt Mike

fishing in destinDestin Fishing Report   2/15/15

Spring break fishing in Destin.

 In mid March, Destin comes alive with spring breakers and their families.  A lot of the spring breakers end up going fishing as part of their Destin vacation. 1/2 day  fishing trips of 4, 5 or 6 hours is what allot of the spring break crowd wants to do. We are usually are bottom fishing for reef fish like triggerfish, snappers and red groupers.

On a 4 or 5 hour trip we will fish 10-15 miles offshore making several fishing  stops. The captain will stop the boat over a reef or a wreck and everybody will drop their lines. Most of the people will be fishing with a 2 hook rig with squid for bait, but we will usually fish a single hook rig also trying to catch a bigger fish like a red snapper or a grouper.

On a 1/2 day trip we usually end up catching enough fish for dinner. This is not a "fill the cooler" type trip. Just fun family fishing on really nice fishing boat.

On longer all day trips we will also be reef fishing as well as live bait fishing for big amberjacks and groupers. This usually takes place 20 to 35 miles offshore of Destin.

On the charter boat LADY EM we concentrate on catching fish and having fun!

Capt Mike in Destin






2015 Destin Florida Cobia Tournaments kicking off soon!

Cobia fishing in Destin, Florida can be one of the most exciting experiences for anglers of all ages! The Spring Cobia run traditionally begins in Mid-March and runs through Mid-May. Cobia fishing is sight fishing traditionally done from the towers of the Destin Charter Boats and the fish can be seen individually or in groups swimming just under the surface of the water.

Destin Florida is the home to numerous Cobia Tournaments including: 2015 Cobia World Championships running March 20th, through May 11th, 2015, the 18th Annual Destin FL Cobia Tournament running March through April 30th, 2015, 15th Annual Cobia Shootout the weekend of April 3rd, 2015 and the Crab Cruncher Classic the weekend of April 10th, 2015

Destin offers some of the best Cobia fishing in the Gulf.  So give us a call to book your Cobia trip soon! 


Destin, Fl Fishing Rodeo in October

Aboard Charter Boat Lady Em



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